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We are born here

I once said that if you have a vine, an olive tree and an inch of land to stand on your feet, you can build the entire world anew.
We were born in this place, people and vineyards and some of the oldest and most important ideas in the world.
In this land of ancient Olympia, by generation to generation, we pass a tradition that began almost four thousand years ago …
the progress and technologies came ahead but the same passion and the ceaseless love for our land and its fruits stayed in us…

We cultivate our vineyards with care and the passion that kept the history alive in our memories. We did not let anything to irrigate our earth that we could not drink ourselves, and we did not let anything to spray our grapes that would not let us taste their flesh directly of the vine that gave birth to em.
We do certified organic cultivation … and this is the modern expression of what our grandfathers and great-grandfathers did for thousands of years. We do the same that made the wine and Olympia’s varieties known throughout human history.
We use modern technologies and in fact the winery and all the wine-making installations of Ktima Brintziki are unique in Greece (with absolutely zero energy footprint).
We use renewable solar and geothermal energy sources for the needs of our infrastructure letting nature unscathed by our activities.

Because if you love your vineyards, your Land .. and if your work product it’s a precious fruit of the land, you can not help but to love nature and to protect it in every possible way. So we can proudly say that everything we produce in the Ktima Brintziki is born natural and uncontaminated… following centuries of wine-making history.
This old watermill, which is a symbol for us, was built before the Turkish occupation of Greece and a restoration was necessary in order to make a museum. We want it to serve our material bond to the deep past and the immense history of this ancient land. We want to constitute the reference point for the art of wine making in our region and the culture that bountifully gave us .
Our current facilities are probably the most modern and sophisticated in Greece and perhaps across the southern Europe, but our ties to the past of the Olympic land is unbreakable and undisturbed.
So every one of our products is part of our history and culture.

Everything we create is, controlled by the evener technologies of wine-making. All Production conditions are being weighted with absolute precision and each parameter is determined with meticulous detail. The temperatures, humidity, time … are all objects of a series of checks and retests, with methods at the apex of technology …
But it comes the time to let things take their natural way.
You must let the excellent oak barrels to interact with wine. To exchange perfumes and myths … sacred flavors to emerge . Wild marriages and mysterious celebrations and sprees with ancient spirits.
And you have to wait the settling of the dances and the sprees into the barrels.

And if you know to work when you need to work … and to have patience to wait, when you have to wait … then the mystery of nature will reward you in a way that no material wealth could …
because the joy of wine, is the song of the land in the heart of man, is the innermost secret that wine confides whispering like a breeze , It ‘s the communion between us, humans and the universe.
And this knowledge …
the tireless effort …
the joy of life …
our love for our creations …
is in everything we produce in Ktima Brintziki .
And be sure that we are proud of it.

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